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Plan healthy meals
for the week in minutes

Try our smart meal planning app and get more time for people & things that really matter

mealy app - inspiration screen, select from 15 healthy recipes per category per week. mealy supports breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
Save Time Icon - the usage of the mealy app saves time

Save Time

lotus icon - the mealy app reduces stress by suggesting healthy and quick recipes on a weekly base. The mealy app also supports the planning process by generating meal plans and shopping lists.

Stop stressing about planning

The mealy app supports your healthy by suggesting healthy recipes that are individually tailored for your needs. Ultimatively, mealy will track your macro and micro nutritions.

Invest in your health

empty dish with questionmark - mealy will help with daily recipe choices, provides healthy suggestions, and saves a lot of time.


  • Want healthy, home-cooked meals?

  • Lacking ideas what to cook?

  • Don’t want to decide every day?

  • Want to save time?

  • Looking for a faster way to meal planning?

Sound familiar? 

We have the solution for you.

Everyday meal planning fast & healthy

mealy app inspiration and discovery screen. 15 healthy meal choices per category per week. Support of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.


Choose your meals from weekly recipes

Group 991.png


Get automated meal plan and shopping list

mealy app shopping list screen - automatically generated shopping list groups groceries, allows you own entries, indicates weekday where list item is needed for cooking
mealy app recipe screen - shows ingredients, and cooking steps. provides preperation and overall cooking time. number of servings can be adjusted.


Cook healthy meals in 30 minutes

Rectangle 586.png
Rectangle 589.png
Rectangle 468.png
bowl of cucumber soup from the mealy app
savory breakfast plate from the mealy app
Rectangle 585.png
Rectangle 588.png
avocado spinach banana smoothie from the mealy app
banana berry breakfast yogurt with oats from the mealy app
Rectangle 587.png
Rectangle 590.png
pepper shrimp rice bowl with green onions for lunch or dinner from the mealy app
berry apple chia bowl for breakfast from the mealy app

Get inspired with recipes

Weekly new recipe selection

You get every week a new selection of curated recipes to choose from. We take care with our algorithm to offer you a variety so you can enjoy a balanced diet.

Save time in planning

Smart automation

You don’t need to do dull tasks, we love doing them for you. You choose your meals. We create the meal plan and shopping list. Your plans are changing? So is your meal plan. Simply drag & drop meals.

mealy app - meal plan screen, healthy recipes for each day automatically generated into a plan
different options for a healthy lunch from the mealy app

Checked by nutritionist

Enjoy healthy meals that fit your schedule

We select our recipes for you with a lot of care and following our guidelines. All recipes are checked by nutritionist and can be cooked in 
about 30 minutes.

You eat every day.
Do it healthy and relaxed.


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